Photographic Society of America
Exhibition Standards and Recognition

Last Updated:
Saturday, June 8, 2019 3:43 PM
Application For PSA Recognition
Applications for Recognition must be submitted
at least 5 months (150 days) prior to your Exhibition Closing Date.
This lead time will be strictly enforced.
Do not use false dates on your application to try to
bypass this requirement.
Exhibition Chairmen are no longer allowed to enter the Exhibition they are chairing.

Chairmen for separate judgings in Circuits shall not be judged in that judging.
Chairmen for separate sections may not enter that section but
may enter other sections offered by the Exhibition.
Chairmen who are PSA Members shall be awarded 3 Acceptance Credits for each section
in the exhibition up to a maximum of 6 credits per star path

(Chairmen of 3D Exhibitions are exempt from this requirement and
will not receive Acceptance Credits)
Recognition Fees are as follows:
$125 USD per Exhibition
(The $125 USD fee is waived for Exhibitions offering 3D sections or Print sections only)
$20 USD Registered Shipping Surcharge per Exhibition for China, india and Argentina
$25 USD per Division per Section per Judging
$25 USD per optional Wildlife Medal (Nature Only)
$25 USD per optional Silver and/or Bronze Medal
$4 USD per optional HM Ribbon
Application Form
    Single Application for All Divisions