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Welcome to the Digital Study Groups Visitor Preview

The following is the page that the study group members would use to upload data and view images and feedback. Normally, each line in the tables would contain a maker's images and reviews. This preview takes a cross section of images from the various special theme groups and puts them on a line. These are unedited examples taken from active study groups. They are typical of the types of images, descriptors, reviews and visual feedback that one might encounter if they join a study group. A member of a "general" study group can expect to see a large variety of images. Over time, the "general" study group might run across any image presented on this page.

The column on the left contains detailed instructions and the forms used to input images and information. Feel free to try these forms out. You cannot hurt anything. Since you are not a registered group member, you will not be able to actually upload the data.

You would normally encounter a request for a password in lieu of this page. Access to the PID study groups is protected in the hopes that it will encourage makers to experiment and reviewers to provide candid feedback.


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