Scholarship Program

PSA-RIT Scholarship

The PSA-RIT Scholarships were contributed by PSA and the Rochester Institute of Technology. One full year's tuition was awarded annually to a deserving student who had recently graduated from high school, met the entrance requirements of RIT, and had shown special aptitude and interest in photography.  Beginning in 1989, two scholarships were granted per year.
1992 Benjamine D. Richey

Hyungwon Ryoo
1991 Sylwia Kapuscinski

Brian  T. Paquin
1990 Trent H. Siegel

Todd Salerno
1989 Stefanie A. Arneson

Sherri D. Hosfeld
1988 Guy K. Welch
1985 Wendy Rosenblum
1983 Bradford  A. Ashbrook
1981 Sing-Pang Philip Wei
1980 Stephen M. Hanson
1979 Joseph Allen Rogers
1978 Carl E. Owens, III
1977 David Stephenson
1976 David Alan Radler
1975 David A. Ferrie
1974 Keith S. Payson
1973 Leonard Winer
1972 Gilbert A. Smith
1971 Eric W. Jacobs
1970 Dennis Krukowski
1969 Gail Orchard
1968 Philip Simkins
1967 Timothy Kerwin
1966 Robert Brosan
1965 Philip Yoder
1964 Lincoln Perry
1963 David J. Kelch
1962 Stephen B. Nichols
1961 Arthur J. Kusiv
1960 Edw. F. Wenglowski
1959 Donald R. Lehmbeck
1958 John R. Sanford
1957 Jack Franks

PSA - Art Center College of Design Scholarship

Scholarship grants were contributed by PSA and awarded to deserving Art Center College of Design students to aid them in the completion of their senior year.
1977 Alex Backnick (Spring)

J. Alison Morley (Fall)
1976 William Carroll (Spring)

Roy Robinson (Fall)
1975 Phillip Lee Young (Spring)

John Simle (Fall)
1974 Bruce Henson (Spring)

Bill Diebold (Fall)
1973 Dennis R. Anderson
1972 Thomas O'Brien

PSA - Brooks Institute Scholarship

Semi-annual scholarship grants contributed jointly by PSA and the Brooks Institute, school of photographic art and science, were awarded to deserving students attending the institute to assist them in continuing their studies.
1978 Margaret Ann Owens (Spring)
1977 Arnold Ackerman (Fall)