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2016 Wisconsin PSA Club Showcase

Each year the Wisconsin State Membership Committee (SMC) conducts the Wisconsin PSA Clubs Showcase. All PSA member clubs based in Wisconsin are encouraged to participate in this learning experience and are invited to submit seven open subject projected images by seven different club members. All images from all participating PSA member clubs are assembled on a CD and sent to all participating clubs. At a regular club meeting of their choice, all members in attendance at each club review and judge all images. The score sheets from each club judging are submitted to the Showcase Director. The Assistant Director tabulates the results from each club and identifies the top-scoring clubs and individual images. The final results were presented at the May 1, 2016 meeting of the PSA Wisconsin Chapter. Seventeen PSA-member clubs participated in the 2016 Wisconsin PSA Club Showcase. The images of the first and second place clubs and the top five individual images of the 2016 Club Showcase are presented on this page.

First Place Club - Fox Valley Camera Club
Waterton Lakes
Lenore Ryan
Aurora and Stars
Stan Zuidema
Renaissance Lady
Jerry Clish
Pontiac Hood Ornament
John Rast
Night Sky with Milky Way
Bonnie Zuidema
Delicate Balance
Linda Springer
Water Boy
Larry Janssen
2nd Place Club - Menomonee Falls Camera Club
Loon with Fish
Evan Gantner
The Trail Divided
Jane Hirst
The Lady in Red
John Ascham
Roseate Spoonbill in Tree
Ken Warning
Shammek Orb Weaver Spider
Robert Gantner
Jim Bauer
Storm at New Smyrna Beach
Jeff Klug
Top 5 Individual Images
1 - Santorini Sunset
Michael Patrick, Mid-Wisconsin PG
2 - Storm at New Smyrna Beach
Jeff Klug, Menomonee Falls CC
3 - Atlantic Puffin and Sand Eels
Joe Motto, Beaver Creek PC

4 - Male Rufous Hummingbird
Kris Weltzien, Unlimited Vision PC

5 - Night Sky with Milky Way
Bonnie Zuidema, Fox Valley CC