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Shirley Ward, FPSA, EPSA·


Shirley's interest in photography began in the late 1940's while she was still in high school, taking mostly family photos with a Brownie black and white camera. Her love affair with color photography began in 1952 with her first 35 mm slide camera, an Argus C3 with a fixed lens.  She still has that camera and the original Bell and Howell slide projector purchased the following year. Over the next 50+ years several other slide cameras were used until she was forced to go digital in 2007 due to the decline of slide film and lack of the processing labs. In doing so, she discovered a whole new “creative” world with Photoshop 

Shirley joined the Madera Camera Club in 1978 and, by taking the judges' advice, her photography has improved to the point that she now has over 1,400 acceptances in the PSA International Exhibitions in several divisions.  She received her APSA in 2001, FPSA in 2007, PPSA in 2004, and EPSA in 2011.

She joined PSA in 1986 and has held positions in the Color Projected Image Division (CPID) including Secretary, News Editor, Portrait, and Photo Essay Contest Directors.  She has been the General Chairman of the Fresno Exhibition (now the San Joaquin Valley) since 2001.  Shirley has given many programs and workshops at PSA Conferences and Gold Rush Chapter meetings as well as judging Color and Travel Exhibitions. She has had several articles in the PSA Journal including one cover. Shirley delights in judging and teaching - to improve an image's composition, lighting, or using Photoshop techniques.

She enjoys putting together programs: documentaries, How To's, creative, and travel. Since retiring in 1995 she has traveled to over 30 countries in Asia, C. and S. America, Africa, and Europe. Her main interest in travel is photographing the peoples of that country and how they live and work.  But, it is the creative ability in Photoshop that really fires up her imagination…taking an ordinary subject and turning it into an entirely different image.

Cactus Blooms PE
Wheel in Fence on Stormy Day
Girl in White Robe DAP
Bowl of Brussel Sprouts PE
Cabin in the Sky
Three Vases PE