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Vladimir Jovanovski, MPSA·

Vladimir Jovanovski was born in 1983 in Kumanovo, Macedonia. Active in art photography from his tenth year. In the last ten years he has exhibited his works in 200 international exhibitions in more than 25 countries around the world, whereby he won numerous awards.

He was an activist and president in the photo cinema club Kozjak, and is now a member of the photo club Kumanovo. Honorary member of Image Sans Frontier, Image Colleague Society and Kragujevac Photo Club. President of IAAP and representative for Macedonia at ISF and UPI.

In photography he is no ordinary registrant of things. Around himself he feels the space, light, ambient and life and in search for them he is facing with emotions that he translate into his own photographic creations.

Vladimir Jovanovski earned his PPSA in 2016, his EPSA in 2018, and his MPSA in 2020.