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Dirk Van Weert, FPSA, MPSA, EFIAP·


Dirk Van Weert was born in Belgium in 1959. He has been an engineer/scientist/teacher for 30 years and became heavily involved in photography after he finished his studies.

He is a leading member of an Antwerp photo club. He is also often a member of the jury in local, regional, and even international photo contests. Dirk joined the PSA in 1994 and has since received over 1500 acceptances and won several medals including gold and silver medals.

In 2013 he got the EFIAP distinction.He earned his EPSA in 2011 and MPSA in 2014. He was awarded his APSA in 2015. He has also over 30 stars and 4 Galaxies, divided over 6 different divisions.

Though he has a wide array of interests, he focuses mainly on portrait, studio, landscape and nature because of the different emotional expressions of the subjects.