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Dana Vannoy, FPSA, MPSA

Dana Vannoy is retired and has been Professor of Sociology Emerita from the University of Cincinnati since 2000. Dana lives six months a year in Naples, Florida and six months in northern Michigan near Traverse City; she belongs to camera clubs in both places. She enjoys pursuing nature and travel photography and a favorite endeavor is creating stories with images.

She has been a member of PSA since 1997, and has FPSA honors and the MPSA distinction. She has chaired the Greenwood Grants and Scholarship Committee, Service Award Committee and served on the PSA Nominating Committee. Dana was chairperson of the Color Projected Image Division, 2006-2008. She has been Divisions Vice President since 2011. Dana publishes regularly in the PSA Journal, and was featured in the Distinctive Image column in June 2010. She received the Elmore Chatham Memorial Award in 2008 and the Charles Keaton Memorial Award in 2010. Dana provides many digital image shows for community audiences. Beyond photography and grand-parenting her activities include golf, tennis, and lots of reading.

Young Gypsy Girls

Winterthur Staircase BW

Gecko on Wide Leaf

Treasure Found

Jackson Lake Flower

 Classic Loon

All images © Dana Vannoy