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Theo van der Heijdt, APSA, EPSA


Theo van der Heijdt was born in Delft, The Netherlands. At the age of 12 he made his first picture with an old Kodak camera. Several cameras followed and now he uses a Nikon D-700 with 2 zoom lenses. He became a member of Fotoclub Delft in 1959. He began entering the International Exhibitions during 1977-1979 and received his first acceptance in 1977 by the Euro-Picamera/Golden Cat in Belgium.
 In 2000, he accepted the position of FIAP Liaison Officer for the Dutch Fotobond.
 He was co-founder in 1988 of the biennial Holland International Slide Circuit, later changed into the Holland International Image Circuit. He joined PSA in 2001. He was a member of the jury at the 1st Caribbean Circuit, Curacao in 2003 and member of the jury at the Image Salon Delft 2005.

In June 2006, by invitation of the Chinese Senior Photographers Association, he visited, together with ten other European photographers, Tjianjing to take pictures. 
In October 2006, he visited Montenegro by invitation of the Centre for Sustainable Tourism Initiatives, together with six photographers from the Balkan countries, to take photos of Montenegro.
 He was the co-founder of United Photographers International (UPI) in 2007. He received his PPSA in 2009 and his EPSA in 2012. He was awarded his APSA in 2015.

His photographic interests today are Travel and People.

Old Shepherd
Timid Boy


All images © Theo van der Heijdt