Using the PSA Website

The PSA Website uses some standard website conventions.
  • Words are linked if they appear bold and in red - to tell if the words are linked, move your cursor over them. If they become underlined, they are linked. If a person's name or title is linked, it leads directly to his or her email. Clicking this link will open your default email program, with the "to" automatically filled out with this person's email address. For example to reach PSA headquarters, click the words "PSA headquarters" that you see in red and it will open up the default email program on your personal computer.
  • Each page on the site has "breadcrumbs" listed right above the gray text area, separated by colons. Each of these breadcrumbs will take you to the parent folder of the page you are on. For example, on this page, two breadcrumbs are shown: Using the PSA Site, is a "child" of the page "About PSA." Put your cursor over either of these breadcrumbs and the link sign, the underline, appears. Click About PSA to return to the Parent page
  • To reach similar pages to the one you are on, choose the left pane, the breadcrumbs, or the list of categories that may appear on the top or the bottom of the page.
  • To return to the home page at any time, click the PSA logo

The PSA website is a constantly-changing PSA Membership tool. To better familiarize yourself with all it has to offer, read some of the PSA Journal articles (below) or view the informational videos.

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The following are articles that have appeared in the PSA Journal that specifically discuss finding information on the PSA website. Please select the topic in which you have interest to view (or hide) an available list of pdfs. To see all topics at once, select "Show all."