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Tri Handoko

I am a Photographer Enthusiast from Jakarta, Indonesia. It all began from capturing photos of precious moments within my family and then in 2011, I took a photography course at ‘Canon School of Photography,' one of the reputable photography schools in Indonesia. I took the course in order to assist me to understand the basic technique, concept and detail of photography so that I could obtain a better result. Slowly I started to gain through practical knowledge by doing Photo shoots and occasionally I would also take part in a photography trip.

I acquired more skill by reading books about photography, magazines, YouTube tutorials as well as attending workshops and seminars about photography and post processing.

I normally engage with such themes as Human Interest, reportage, Portrait, BW, Landscape, Mood & Conceptual. I really like to express mood/emotion in my capture through my lenses as each of it represents different emotions and stories.

I  have received some awards from Photography Competitions in USA, Spain, Turkey, Italy and India. In 2014 & 2015, some of my photos were displayed in an Exhibition in New York organized by You can see my portofolio in :,, Instagram : #Hanstrihandoko

Photography is my hobby and my passion. Golden moment and moment of truth is a precious time in life and I love to capture those special moment through my lens.