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Tremaine A. O. Cornish, APSA, EPSA


Tremaine joined the PSA late in 2008.  He quickly progressed through the PSA Star Ratings in three PSA Divisions.  He enjoys sharing his images and has over 1,000 acceptances in National & International Photographic Exhibitions, including a number of medals. 

His interests in photography are accordingly wide & varied, including Natural History, Landscapes & People with Character, but he also frequently lets his creative side loose - seeing no reason why reality should get in the way of a good image. 

He was appointed a photographic judge in the NW of England in 2008 and is also a regular lecturer to photo clubs in the region.  Since 2009 he has served on the Executive of the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union as the Exhibitions Secretary, where he is responsible for mounting two separate exhibitions of 150 prints each year.  He says that these activities are purely selfish as they provide a great source of inspiration for his own photography and digital artistry.  He gained his AFIAP in 2010 and EFIAP in 2011 along with his PPSA.  He has been asked, on a number of occasions, to contribute an image for the TOPS in PSA Photography.  In 2011 he became the EID Membership Director. He received his EPSA in 2012 and his APSA in 2015.

For him the reasons for entering competitions are to up his game and to see how his work compares to others. But he also feels deeply that as a photo judge, it is only right that his work should be judged.  He sees photo distinctions as an indicator, and no more, of a photographer's ability, but admits that it is still a thrill to see one's work published alongside that of others and feel that it does not look out of place.  

Sunrise Bamburgh Castle
Fungi Troupe
Lunar Developments 2
Le Demi Rouge