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Terry Dickerson, EPSA, EFIAP·

Terry Dickerson retired as a Network Engineer and Program Manager from Edwards Air Force Base in 2012 and to fill his time his time he decided to pick up Photography as a hobby, something he was very involved with in his 20s.

He joined PSA in 2016 and has enjoyed competing in the international exhibitions. He also joined the local Lancaster Photography Association and S4C. He has won many competitions in PSA, LPA, and the local fair and is currently working towards PSA ROPA Stars. He earned his QPSA in 2018 and his PPSA in 2019. He earned his EPSA in 2021.

His interests are in landscape, nature, creative Pictorial and anything else that piques his interest. Because of his affiliation with these clubs and the people in them he has learned a lot in a short time and continues to look forward to improving his skills.