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Tatsiana Tsyhanova, PPSA

Tatsiana Tsyhanova found her passion for photography at the age of 17 when she received her first Polaroid camera. She knew from the moment she took her first picture that was her part of life. After school she went on to study at the Belarusian State Pedagogical University and worked as a teacher. But at the same time she always had photo camera in her hands.

After several years Tatsiana decided to enroll in some special courses of design. She began to study at the Belarusian State Polytechnic University, which she graduated with a Diploma in Design. Shortly after the birth day of Tatsiana's daughter she found that portraiture was the medium in which she would express her art. She continues to love photographing people and looks forward to being part of all moments in people's life.

The most exciting thing for Tatsiana is working on projects that involve the construction of ideas and their execution until the end. Being a designer helps her to approach the subject from a broader scope and keep the overview in mind. With Tatsiana's Belarussian heritage and unique professional background, she does things differently than other photographers do. Beyond simply taking a nice picture, Tatsiana takes a step back to observe and capture the person's emotion and unique details. Tatsiana Tsyhanova currently resides in Minsk, Belarus with her husband, their daughter, a dog and a cat.

Tatsiana Tsyhanova earned her PPSA in 2018.