Tammy Hammond·

Tammy Hammond grew up in Washington State's agriculturally rich Palouse region, harvesting fruit from the local orchards is where she developed a strong work ethic and respect for nature. Her interest in photography began at a young age, influenced by her father's hobby of developing his black and white photos in a makeshift dark room. She went on to study music at both Washington State University and the University of Idaho, studies that eventually brought her to Colorado where she earned a Master of Arts degree, with a focus on Classical Guitar Performance, at the University of Denver.

Overlapping with her career as a professional classical guitarist and music educator, Tammy turned toward graphic design and photography in 2004. Drawn primarily to wildlife and nature photography, she is energized by the beauty of wilderness areas and spends as much time as possible seeking wild habitats undisturbed by humans.

Like many photographers, Tammy is self taught. Her involvement in various photo clubs has been invaluable as she continues to explore the endless possibilities of photography. Tammy Hammond is currently the Colorado State Membership Director for PSA.