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Anne Swearman, APSA, PPSA


Anne lives in the United Kingdom. She has been interested in photography since she was eleven years old when she managed to get some glass plates for her father's Thornton-Pickard reflex. Photographic materials only became slightly available after the war, but she managed to get developer and Hypo to process the plates.

Her father bought a ‘Purma Special' when she was about 13 and she was allowed to use it. There was a long gap in her photography hobby when she married and had children. She took a son to a Photo club when he was 12, and even though he left after a few months, she stayed. Later she became interested in International Exhibitions, earned her PPSA Distinction in 2010, her APSA Honor in 2012, has an EFIAP, and is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society.

She has been a member of her local Whitley Bay Photographic Society for over thirty years, and was one of the first people in the North of England to become interested in Digital Photography. She uses it in many ways and especially enjoys producing creative images which are regarded as ‘seriously weird.'

Anne is a judge and lecturer and a member of a PSA EID Study Group for creative photography. She finds it sometimes daunting to sit in front of a blank screen needing to produce something creative for the next month. She has found counting up acceptances with a view to the next PSA Star an excellent motivator to keep going. Anne enjoys her hobby and the bonus of the many friends she has made in so many places.

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