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Susan Cowles, FPSA, GMPSA, EFIAP·

Susan Cowles joined PSA in Jan 2007. She was awarded the Early Achievement Award in 2009. She has held many positions in PSA including that of Chair of CPID 2011-2012. She started the Individual Portrait Competition and still assists the director. She is currently 1st Vice Chairman of the Pictorial Print Division.

Susan has been in the Who's Who box for PID, PPD, PT and Nature. She took and passed the PSA Judging Course and is on the official judge's list for judging. She has judged for clubs, councils, and many International Exhibitions. She teaches an Available Light Portraiture Class. Susan has taught classes to both camera clubs and the PSA Conference. Her favorite thing to take pictures of is portraits. She has over 250 medals which includes approx 100 PSA Gold Medals. Susan was honored with an APSA in 2014. She earned her PPSA distinction in 2009, her EPSA in 2014, her MPSA in 2017, and her GMPSA in 2019.