Support PSA

Support PSA: Overview

PSA membership fees only fund approximately half of the operating expenses of the Society. The remaining funding comes from donations and the interest and dividends earned from the investment accounts held by the Society. The majority of the monies in the PSA Endowment Funds and other investment accounts have come from donations made by Society members. PSA is truly fortunate to have such a generous membership.

There are many ways that members, and their family and friends, can support PSA's efforts. The Society is grateful for all support and would not be able to provide the many services and activities of the organization without this financial assistance. Support can be provided in the following ways:

Give the Gift of PSA: Anyone can give a gift of a one, two, or three-year PSA membership. A PSA gift membership includes a $5 PSA pin and comes packaged in a presentation folder.  

Donations: PSA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization. Funds and accounts have been established that provide scholarships, financing of PSA operations, and reserve funding for the Society. PSA services and activities are made possible through the generous support of donors whose foresight helps further the Society's mission.

Planned Giving: PSA has established an endowment fund at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation. All gifts to the fund will benefit PSA. To benefit the endowment, PSA has established a planned giving program that allows members great flexibility to support PSA.

Sponsorships: Corporations and individual members can take advantage of a wide range of promotional and marketing opportunities including, but not limited to, sponsoring featured speakers for the PSA Annual Conference, participating as a Conference Vendor, and providing discounts for PSA members.

Advertising: Numerous advertising options are available in print media to reach PSA members, the members of PSA-member clubs and Councils, and other readers of the PSA Journal.

PSA Store: There are plans for a convenient online location for purchasing PSA-logo products and PSA-member publications. There is no profit on PSA-logo merchandise sold; however, wearing the PSA logo is a great way to support the Society. PSA also makes no profit on PSA-member publications sold and offers this opportunity as a member benefit. Presently PSA-logo products are for sale at the PSA Annual Conference and can be ordered by contacting PSA Headquarters.