Division Study Groups

PSA Study Groups Director
‚úČ Tom Pickering·

Five of the six PSA divisions have their own study groups, consisting of small groups of PSA members who critique each other's work. Each group has its own rules and chairperson. 

PSA Study Groups are small groups of like-minded photographers who share and critique each other's photos. 

To find the right group for you, look through all the opportunities and contact the Study Group Director(s) so you can make an informed decision . . . you may even decide to participate in two or three Study Groups! 

There is no limit to the number of groups a member can join. PSA membership is required for participation in any Study Group. 

Information on division study groups can be accessed from the links below the video or found directly under the "individual" section of each division.

You can reach the various PSA study groups directly through the links below: