Stuart Lynn, HonPSA, QPSA·

Stuart Lynn rocked trays in his father's darkroom at the age of 4, stimulating a lifetime interest in photography. Retiring from an academic career in technology provided the time and the right background just at the dawn of the age of digital photography. 

He served as Competition Chair of his club, the Coachella Valley Desert Camera Club (CVDCC), 2005-2018; and has won annual best image and best photographer awards. He has also been Competition Chair of the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs (S4C) since 2006, and was S4C President (2009-2015). S4C has awarded him an HonS4C and DFS4C. Stuart has provided image evaluation for clubs and judged for S4C and for PSA. He has been Chair of the Coachella International Exhibition since 2008; and chair of the S4C International Exhibition since 2017 (serving as Operation Director from 2007 to 2017). Both exhibitions are recognized by PSA. 

Stuart was chair of the PSA Progress Committee in 2015 and a member since 2011. He has served as Chair of the PSA Ethics Review Board since 2018 and was a member since 2016. He was elected an Associate (APSA) in 2014. He developed a system for PSA to track and recognize member referrals that was used from 2009-2015; and developed the prototype that gave rise to the EDAS member acceptances system. He has also used his technology background to develop multiple computer systems to support all CVDCC and S4C activities, including exhibitions and monthly and end-of-year competitions. In 2019 he developed a remote judging system that is now used to support assessment of digital images in the PSA Portfolio Distinctions Program.

Stuart earned his QPSA in 2019.