Staged Travel Images

Participating in Photographic Tours is exciting and fun. You gain valuable experience and you are presented with opportunities to expand your photographic portfolio. Photographic Tour operators can take you to sites which provide excellent perspectives and it is this type of local knowledge that helps optimise the chance of capturing a great image. If you are part of a Photographic Tour and the tour operator takes you to sites to take images of a scene in which there are no people being directed and nothing in the scene has been re-arranged or organized for you, then such images are appropriate for entry into Photo Travel. Likewise, if the tour operator takes you to a good photographic opportunity and you start to shoot images where you are not controlling the subjects then such shots are also valid Photo Travel images.

Sometimes on Photographic Tours you can take images of arranged/set-up scenes. When people in a scene are being directed for the participating photographers, or objects have been rearranged or organized especially for a photo shoot then such images do not meet the PSA Photo Travel definition. Photo Travel is a reality Division and Photo Travel images must show what we find naturally in our world. Images of arranged/set-up scenes, where people are being directed/hired can be entered into PID or PPD.

Note to entrants: An image cannot be entered into a Photo Travel section of PSA-recognized Exhibition when the people in the scene are being directed for the participating photographer/s. This would include organizing their dress, pose or actions.

Note to judges: If you have evidence to suspect that an image is arranged/set-up/directed/staged in any way you should score the image low.

In this gallery of images, all the people in the scenes have been directed for the waiting photographer/s, and as such, these images are not permitted in Photo Travel. The scenes are set-up especially for photographers and do not show what we would find naturally in our world.