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South Carolina State
Director (SMD)

‚úČ Doug Delong


Welcome to the South Carolina State Membership home page. Thank you for visiting with us. Please come again!

As the South Carolina State Membership Director, I look forward to helping members of our state take advantage of the opportunities PSA has to offer. There are many available programs for all levels of photography skills, from educational courses and mentoring services to competitions and exhibitions.

My team and I will be working as partners to insure that we provide you with information about a wide range of services.Our Mid Atlantic Area Membership Director is Sue Schwer.

If you reside in South Carolina, please feel free to contact me with any questions, thoughts, or suggestions you may have concerning programs that benefit our members.
By working together, we can continue to develop interesting and exciting activities for everyone.

PSA Values its Volunteers

An important part of the PSA experience is recognizing the hundreds of volunteers that promote the Society and its programs through a wide range of efforts and services. Supervisors are doing their part by proposing those working for them for recognition awards. However, there are many who are equally as deserving but have not been identified.
It would be helpful for all PSA members to learn about the opportunities for recognition by reviewing the information on Awards found on the PSA website.The upper right area lists the awards that are available as a means of honoring members who make significant contributions.
It would be particularly useful to become familiar with the guidelines, instructions and proposal submission dates pertaining to PSA Honors, Society Recognition Awards and PSA Services Awards. This information will be useful as you do your part to help recognize colleagues who have contributed significantly to the Society. Please consider the PSA members around you and, when appropriate, submit proposals. Your Membership Director can provide you with assistance, when necessary.

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