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Sharon Goss

Married and mother of two boys, 16 and 20, I have been a resident of Wilmette for 30 years and have always had a camera in hand, and enjoy taking pictures of family and friends. I never considered it a passion, but always enjoyed taking pictures. I took pictures of my older son nearly every day of his life, particularly when he played hockey in high school. I was asked to take pictures of team games which I shared with other parents, and from there I was asked to be team photographer and post photos to the school's website--which I happily did for four years.

When my second son came along he was a bug and reptile collector, so that became my new interest. I also bred labradoodles and loved taking pictures of my girls' litters. My husband and I don't travel much, so I don't have many travel pictures. Some years ago I was reunited with a cousin and her husband. Her husband belonged to a camera club and I went with him to a meeting and it reopened my passion in photography. I look forward to The North Shore Camera Club meetings, the people I've met there, everything I am learning and re-learning. I thank George and the North Shore Camera Club for rekindling my passion for photography.