Santanu Chakraborty, QPSA, AFIAP, AFIP

A very passionate photographer, Santanu Chakraborty started photography at the time of analogue photography with his ZENITH. Usually black and white, color prints were way too expensive. Since then a number of analog and later also digital cameras did follow. Now he has a nice digital SLR camera. He loves all kind of photography specially nature, travel, portrait and macro. He is a traveler and loves to spent time within nature.

Professionally he is an IT teacher, MSc in computer science, MCP, teach students and encourage for photography. He received awards and acceptance in national and international photography exhibition. All these happened in the year 2016 onward when he started his salon participation. The most special characteristic of Santanu is that he is a keen learner. He believes himself nothing but a student. He spends time by viewing good photographs of famous photographers, articles and books on photography to enrich him.

He earned his AFIAP, AFIP in 2019 Santanu Chakraborty earned his QPSA in 2020.