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Salvador Atance, EPSA

Salvador Atance was born in Barcelona (Catalonia), Spain, in 1949. Retired from engineering since 2009, he has spent a great deal of his retirement pursuing his photography as Amateur and Professional photographer in different fields.

Photographic evolution:
Federacio Catalana de Fotografia: Artist (AFCF) -2013. Excellence (EFCF) -2014. Brass Jury (JBFCF) -2017. Master (MFCF) -2018.
Confederacion Espanola de Fotografia: Artist (ACEF) -2013.
International Federation of Art Photography: Artist (AFIAP) -2011. Excellence (EFIAP) -2013.
Global Photographic Union: (GPU-Hermes) -2013
Photographic Society of America: Proficiency (PPSA) -2013. Image Analysis Graduated -2015. Excellence (EPSA) -2020.

He has received more than 100 prizes in national and international photo contests and has more than 1500 contest selected works, and keep learning and practicing everyday.