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Yan Luo, MPSA

Yan Luo comes from Luzhou City in China's Sichuan province. She is a member of China Photographers Association.

Yan joined PSA in January, 2018, and since then she started to participate in PSA-recognized international exhibitions. Yan felt interest in photography since 2010, and among all subjects, humanist photography is her favorite. In the process of her photography creation, she will consciously capture those vivid and special moments which reflect different cultures as well as different kinds of lives and may show love, care and reverence among people.

Yan Luo has left footprints in more than twenty countries and regions. Her photography works has won dozens of prizes in international exhibitions, and has been published several times in Chinese photography magazine. Yan earned her PPSA, EPSA in 2018, and MPSA in 2019.