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Xiaoqi Zhang, PPSA

Xiaoqi Zhang started to feel interest in photography in the 1960s when she learned how to use a film camera as well as the technique of dark room and enlargement. She has a myriad of interests and has a passion for art. She is also a quick learner and learns a lot about different cultures and knowledge of art. She firmly believes the importance of learning, thinking and being prepared for the long haul.

Xiaoqi joined PSA in 2014. Since then, she started to enter PSA-recognized international exhibitions. She won awards and acceptances more than 3000 times, including over 200 gold, silver and bronze medals and ribbons. In 2014, Xiaoqi was awarded the title of "best photographer" by Chongqing Photographers Association. In 2015, she was named one of the top ten outstanding photographers by PSA China.

Xiaoqi earned her PPSA in 2018.