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Weng Sang Wong, EPSA, EFIAP, ARPS

Weng Sang Wong, General Manager of the Kids Kingdom Foto Co., Ltd. (Macau). Weng Sang interest in photography can be traced back to his senior high school years. Since young, he has had a habit of recording what attracted his attention with a camera. Founding the Kids Kingdom Foto Co., Ltd. in 2005, he has been mainly taking children and family photos while traveling and landscape photography are his passion all the time.

Weng Sang received the titles ARPS in 2015, Artist FIAP (AFIAP) in 2016, Excellence FIAP (EFIAP) in 2017, he won more than 40 awards in PSA-recognized international photo contests. He received his PPSA in 2017 and his EPSA in 2019.