Thant Zin Naing, QPSA 

"I am Thant Zin Naing from Myanmar and I love to learn photography since childhood. I have met with my first and respectful teacher, Sir Thigh Wanna, who is the country membership director of PSA team. He is willingly to share all the photography concept, knowledge and experience to me, most of the things I have learnt from my teacher. Sometimes, I spent my time to learn photography from internet such as youtube and google.

It gave me many experiences to broaden my knowledge and made me enthusiastic. Hence, I decided to join PSA on April 2019 to further improve my photography skill and also to achieve my aim of QPSA Distinction. My first footstep, QPSA Distinction, completed on 2 September 2019. I assure myself that I will keep the best of my effort and challenges to learn more about in photography in future. I am really thankful to my teacher, Sir Thigh Wanna, always support me guidance, support and kindness."