Suresh Meenakshisundaram, QPSA

Suresh Meenakshisundaram is a Chemical engineer by qualification and profession. He is from India and presently based in Oman.

He had passion and an eye for photography from his childhood. He is interested in all genres of photography and passionate to shoot in Nature and Travel genre.

He has participated in many photo exhibitions and has wide acceptances in about forty countries. He has contributed articles and photographs to magazines like Alive, Asian Photography in India and travel annuals like Destination Oman.

He likes to be amidst nature always. Nature has taught him to be patient, to expect the unexpected and accept the disappointments. Photography for him gives a chance to compete within oneself and realize, achieve one's potential. He owes his success to his family, friends for their constant support and encouragement. He joined Photographic Society of America in 2017. Suresh Meenakshisundaram earned his QPSA in 2018.