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Subho Saha, PPSA 

Subho Saha started photography at his teenage when he was a college student. Now it is his passion. He is a traveller and loves to spent time within nature. He writes travelogue regularly in some daily newspapers and magazine. All these writings are ornamented with his beautiful photographs. Some photographs also published in different newspaper and photography magazine. Professionally he is a teacher. He received more than one hundred awards in national and international photography exhibition. Total numbers of gold awards are more than fifty. All these happened in the year 2018.

A very passionate photographer, Subho likes to work in the field of photojournalism. Though photojournalism is his first love, he also did good jobs in other zones. Nature is another zone where he is very mobile and feels at ease. He also loves bird and flower photography. Street is another subject of his interest. Subho has already taken many good photographs in this zone. Human life, specially the innocence of children attracts him. He is very friendly to children and so, they always offer him sweet smile and good poses. The most special characteristic of Subho is that he is a good learner. He believes himself nothing but a student. He spends time by viewing good photographs of famous photographers, articles and books on photography to enrich himself. He attends Canon and Nikon photography workshops to learn more and more.

Subho Saha earned his QPSA in 2018 and his PPSA in 2020.