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Shourjendra Datta, EPSA, AFIAP, GPUVIP1, cMol

An Orthopedic Surgeon by profession specializing in Shoulder trauma, but a passionate photographer by hobby. He started photography as a kid, when his parents bought him a Vivitar Point and Shoot in school,and later on graduating from medical School, he was gifted his first SLR again by his parents. But due to higher studies and career progression, photography took a back seat for many years and finally in late 2017, he bought his first DSLR.

Participating in salons from 2018, he was very quick to make his mark felt on the global stage,winning his first FIAP Gold in 3 months of participating in photography exhibitions. Quick to complete his QPSA in months, he went on to bag multiple awards and acceptances from 81 countries till date. He has completed his AFIAP, GPU Crown 3, GPU Hermes, GPU VIP1,c MoL, AISF, AICS, AUSPA along with EPSA in the last 18 months of worldwide photography competitions. Also winner of various prestigious photography competitions like SIPA,MIFA etc in a very short time. Although busy with patient care,surgeries and OPD, he says his greatest relaxation is photography.