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Shiu Sun Cheung, EPSA, AFIAP

SHIU SUN was born in Hong Kong.  Being involved with Art Foto Association of Hong Kong lead him to join Photographic Society of America. He has been a PSA member since 2014,  His  favourite themes are nature, sports, architecture and landscapes. He is an active participant in International Photo Exhibitions which are recognised by PSA and FIAP, and has received several awards in different divisions. He earned his PPSA distinction in 2016. Also in the same year, he has been accepted as a distinguished artist by the International Federation of Art Photography (AFIAP). He earned his EPSA distinction in 2019.

He enjoys travelling and discover the beauty of the world, he loves nature and photographing landscapes, using cameras to capture the beauty of nature.

"Natures beauty comforts our eyes, refreshes our soul, helps us to relax and get away from the stress of city life."