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Sally Hinton, PPSA

Sally's fascination with photography started as a small child growing up in the remoteness of Papua New Guinea during the 60's and 70's. Her Father was stationed in PNG and during this time he wrote and illustrated three scientific shell books. He took the photographic plates for the books himself using natural light, an aged Bronica 4 1/4 square camera, an even older light meter and tripod. Sally was his 6 year old "assistant." In return he gave her his old Nikormat 35 mm manual camera.

In 2011 Sally purchased her first digital camera and combined her love for both travel and wildlife with photography. Sally started entering International Exhibitions in 2012 and achieved AFIAP in 2013 and EFIAP in 2015. Sally has achieved many Gold medals and awards for both her wildlife and cultural portraits. She earned her PPSA in 2015.