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Saibal Mondal, PPSA

I am new in photography, having started my passion in photography in 2013 when I completed a FIAP-affiliated basic course from CHHYAPATH, Kolkata, and came in 3rd. After that, I completed a diploma course from DUMDUM FOTOUNIT, under supervision of Dr. Anjandev Biswas, an eminent photography teacher at Kolkata and received a 1st in Diploma in photography. 

I have sent my photos to various international salons since 2015 under guidance of Subrata Bysack, MPSA

I joined PSA in February 2017 and have received more than 1200 acceptances in 30 different countries. I also have earned more than 100 awards from FIAP, PSA, and FIP recognized Salons.

I love to give pictorial value with the help of composition and color treatment to neglected photographs like blurry, shaky, even over and under exposed photos too. Love to take indoor and outdoor portraits as well without using artificial light. Also interested to click moment, rituals, street and nature too.

By profession I am a Government Official but I’m a casual photographer and trying to make some aesthetic sense from my casual photography.