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Saibal Mondal, MPSA, EFIAP, FFIP

Mr. Saibal Mondal was born in late 60s in the "City of Joy," Kolkata, India. By profession he is an employee of Govt. of West Bengal and by passion is an avid photographer. He received his first basic formal training on photography from Chayyapath and afterwards completed his Diploma in Photography from Dum Dum Photo Unit.

As time flows, the versatility of Mr. Mondal increases and reflects in his creativity. He achieved AFIAP in the year 2016 and FFIP in 2017. He earned his PPSA in 2017 and his EPSA and MPSA in 2018. He also received many awards in international and national salons in all the sections of salon photography. He achieved EFIAP in 2019. His works are exhibited in more than thirty countries all over the world. Mr. Mondal is also a faculty member of Dum Dum Photo Unit.