Robin Price, QPSA, BPE3, GPU1

Robin is a recent joiner to PSA and has achieved quite a lot in a short time, achieving QPSA in under 5 months. His style is that of variety and is star 1 in 3 different divisions. He shows no sign of slowing down and has great ambitions for his photography. Based in the north of England and a member of the well-known and respected Chorley PS his photography career started just a few years ago when he retired from a busy public service role and picked up a camera.

He has developed from club photography into British Photographic Exhibitions where he has achieved BPE 3 Crown status and then most recently into international competition with PSA, FIAP and GPU (gaining GPU 1 crown recently) Robin is also a Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society presenting the successful panel in October 2019. Robin has a love for wildlife and nature photography and has developed a love for southern Africa and has had 3 recent visits and captured some wonderful images.

However, Robin does like working closer to home and has close links to a couple of nearby studios where he regularly shoots models as well as doing desk top photography at home. In the future Robin plans to become a more active PSA member and using that to progress his photography. More travel, with his camera, is also on the horizon when possible with his favourite Greece and southern Africa being high up on a long list but admits the UK is a great place to travel and is very "camera friendly."

Robin earned his QPSA in 2021.