Robert Kolbrich, QPSA, AFIAP, EVOEAV

 In 1992, Robert had the first intensive contacts with photography. There was a photo club in his hometown and it intensified his interest in matter photography. In 1993 he joined the group. He occasionally tried with modest success to compete in the Color Slide division. In 2006, Robert took over the leadership of the Photoclub and joined the interest groups VOEAV and FIAP. He intensified his participation first in national, then in international competitions, and soon his first successes came along.

In 2012 he joined the PSA and got his first titles AVOEAV and AFIAP. The next stage of the Austrian association EVOEAV was awarded to Robert 2015. In early 2018 he submitted the 1-2 star in the category PIDM and the 1-4 star in the category PIDC. Based on the confirmed assumptions, Robert was qualified for the ROPA QPSA award. He has no special subject in photography, but he likes studio, portrait and macro.