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Richard Harper, EPSA

Richard joined PSA in 1995. He has received several Stars and Galaxies in four PSA divisions.  He received the PPSA distinction in 2009 followed by the EPSA in 2010. He is a member of the PSA EID Study Group No.23, which he has found fulfilling and he especially enjoys the interaction between the group's members. For several years he has been invited to contribute to the PSA TOPS Program.

His photography began when he took a course at the Shrewsbury College of Art, after his Sculpture courses were discontinued.  Originally he was into black and white photography, but he soon became involved with colour by means of the Colorvir dye process. The artistic side of photography always interested Richard more than landscapes or point and shoot.  Consequently, when he converted to digital and Photoshop in 2004, he became more of a “manipulator” and a Photographic Artist.

Richard was born in 1922 and, although handicapped from a minor stroke in 2009 and unable to travel for new images, he can still create on his computer and enter PSA-recognized International Exhibitions. And he is more of a creative artist anyway!

Richard became a Fellow of The Royal Photographic Society, FRPS, in 1993, followed by Artiste of the International Federation of Photographic Art, AFIAP. He is a member of the RPS Creative Group.  

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