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Rana Jabeen Nawab, PPSA, AFIP, AFIAP

Dr. Rana Jabeen, a dentist by profession and photographer by heart is from Mumbai, India but residing in Riyadh. Her favourite genre of Photography is Cityscapes/ Urban Landscapes and Architecture. She enjoys shooting long exposures,blue hour cityscapes , architectural interiors, travel images and also likes to experiment street photos/portraits . Starting in 2014, it has been a short but very fulfilling journey so far. Her work has been published in many International Editorial Magazines and sites including Masterclass Magazine, Eye Photography, Smart Photography, Chiiz Magazine and more than 100 publications in the highly acclaimed and artistic 1x.com.

A few of her images have been awarded Editor's Choice in 500px and Thematic award/publications in 1x. In 2020 she entered the wonderful world of Salon Photography, it has been a rewarding experience to receive formal distinctions AFIP & AFIAP, numerous Best Entrant/Female Entrant awards(including 2 FIAP blue pin) and many other National and international Awards . Besides being a passion, for her photography and its presentation in the final form allows her to express herself, it is a communication of its form to the audience who understands and at times it brings peace and relaxation. Work Links https://500px.com/drrana0207 https://www.instagram.com/jranu/ https://1x.com/member/jrana

Rana Jabeen Nawab earned her PPSA in 2021.