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Peter Olfert, EPSA

Peter lives in Dortmund, Germany. He is a member and holder of many awards from the German Photographic Association (DVF). His merits are honored with the honorary award "Retina needle in Bronze" of the DVF. He is the recipient of honorary Award Artist of the Federation Internationale de l'art Photographique (FIAP). The successes at the international photo competitions, are crowned with numerous, just under a hundred awards.

Since 2012, Peter has been active as a nature photographer. His motives in the ranking: animals, landscapes, macro shots. He devotes his passion the whole Leisure. He spends the holidays on several tours in Europe, constantly looking for new natural motifs.

His motto: the work of the photographer in the picture must not be felt, however, a touch of nature. Motives must look authentic. The art is not in the documentation, but on the reproduction of the soul, of the inner life of nature. How it can be achieved, is the responsibility of the author. This shows his individual style.

Peter Olfert earned his PPSA in 2015 and his EPSA in 2018.