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Monica Giudice, PPSA, EFIAP/b

Monica Giudice grew close to people who liked photography. She's been photographing since she was young. She started with prints than slides (Kodak Ektacrome 100). Now she works with digitalcamera to use low and night lights at the best.

She has been a member of FIAF since 1996, Gruppo Fotografico S.Paolo Rho since 1992, FIAP since 2017, and PSA and UIF since 2021.  Her works are published in: FIAF monographies, photocompetition catalogues, group magazines and books, book Polaris about Rho Fiera Milano, calendar BNL (work National bank), websites of: group, mail art, privat, Instagram, others.

interested in Instagram FIAFERS and had some pictures selected and some other in local FIAFERS and she won some competitions too. She participated at collective expositions.Recently she participate at National and International photocontes obtaining more than 650 admissions, in 42 countries and more than 30 awards. She also had some admissions in Club World Championship. Awarded in all Continents.

She earned her PPSA distinction n 2021. FIAP, Federation International de l'Art Photographique, gave her honors: _ AFIAP (Artiste FIAP) in 2018 _ EFIAP ( Excellence FIAP) in 2019 _EFIAPb ( Excellence FIAP bronze) in2021

She has a multivision experience, she began in 1992 using 3 analogic projectors first. She has been invited at public and photoclubs projection. She taught at ITIS Cannizzaro Rho "photography basic course" for 5 years from 2002 to 2007. At the end of each year a photocompetition was organized. She also was responsible for the photography group in this school, where she took contact with newspapers, she had task of storage, documentation etc.