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Alex Fung, a renowned and talented photographer, developed a passion in photography for almost 30 years. He is the former of Art Foto Association of Hong Kong.

Alex is an accomplished international exhibitor and he has also received numerous titles and recognition, Who's Who Top Ten in both Color & Monochrome sections of Photographic Society of America, Fellow in the Royal Photographic Society in both documentary and travel divisions (FRPS), Excellent (EFIAP), Master (MPSA), PSA Membership Star ... to name a few. He received his GMPSA in 2017.

Alex play a leading and major role in encouraging and promoting modern digital photography and post processing by organizing and teaching classes, writing articles and giving lectures etc.

As a result of his profound knowledge, he was invited as speaker in numerous lectures, seminars and conferences by photographic society in both Hong Kong and Macau. Topics are diversified, including specialized photography, digital photography and digital darkroom etc. He also invited by many photographic society and international exhibition as the judge. Alex has published more than 100 articles in photography journals and magazines and has been interviewed by many different Medias. He also held many photography exhibitions and published photography albums which can be found in the public libraries in Hong Kong. Facebook: alexfungmy, webpage: http://www.afahk.com