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Li Fang, MPSA 

Li Fang, as a photographer, loves to engage with different cultures and people. Rather than photograph simply for the sake of photos, she prefers to live and spend more time with people who may be the inspiration of her photography creation. Though sometimes the creation condition is harsh, it does not stop her from pursuing artistic creation in her own way.

In order to picture the life of Tajiks, a semi-nomadic people in Xinjiang, Li Fang has been to Xinjiang four times during 2016 and 2017. She lived together with them, eating, drinking and moving between different settlements with them. While feeling the same air, same light, and wind, she was not an outsider any more, and it is not the landscape that she capture but parts of her life; It's not just some people she wants to take photos but her family members and friends. Her photography works mainly focus on depicting people's daily life, including their daily work, living environment and so on.

Her beautiful use of light, to some degree, makes the pictures beyond normal life. It's well worth the time to enjoy her works.

Li was named one of the top ten outstanding photographers by PSA China in 2017. And she earned her MPSA in October 2018. Li believes that everyone's abilities are yet to know. What she looks forward to is not only the beautiful views along the way, but also the better self she'll become.