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Kok Leong Jack Goh, PPSA, AFIAP, APSS

Mr Goh Kok Leong Jack was born in Singapore in 1968. He is an amateur photographer, who is actively participating in various voluntary photography events in charity and non-profit organizations. Particularly interested in Street Realistic Photography, Macro Photography and an avid travel photography. He have travelled extensively both locally and around the region to deepen my photographic skills.

He joined PSA in July 2014 and earned his Proficiency Distinction (PPSA) in July 2016.

He has received his Excellence Service (ESPSS) and Distinction Associateship (APSS) recognition awarded by The Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS).

He is a Honorary Fellow of the Sigma Art Photography (Hon.FSAP), a Photographic Society in India-Hyderabad and Honorary Associateship of United Photographers of Hong Kong (Hon.AUPHK).

He is a Crown 2 Exhibitor (CR2), Distinction title (Aphrodite) recognition by the Global Photographic Union, and earned his Artist FIAP (AFIAP) on March 2016.