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Khaing Sandar Tin, MPSA, AFIAP

I am a travel lover and also fairly interested in capturing and preserving subjective memories, time and tranquility. It is just about the start of my photography journey. Then, I made a conscious decision to improve my skills and wanted to be a great photographer. From there, I tried learning the photography since 2016 and wanted to explore more about the skill sets in order to participate the international photo competitions.

At the guidance of my seniors and friends, I started participating in the international photo contests since January 2018 and I have been recognized for my great efforts. As this journey will be long way to go, I will be learning more and more about the photography and upgrading my skills as much as I can.

Khaing Sandar Tin earned her QPSA, PPSA, and EPSA in 2018. She earned her MPSA in 2020.