Karine Van Der Werf, QPSA

"I am an engineer (physics) and have been working in the wonderful world of thin film solar cells for more than 25 years. In my spare time, I really enjoy photography. When I was about seven years old, I won my first camera on a fancy fair. That was in the time of analogue photography. Usually black and white, color prints were way too expensive. Since then a number of analog and later also digital cameras did follow. Now I have a nice digital SLR camera. But I also experienced that one can make very interesting photographs with a smart phone. To improve my photography skills and especially my creativity, I followed a MOOC on photography and became a member of a local photography group. Since the beginning of 2018, I take part in international photo exhibitions. For now, I prefer to photograph what I come across (or look out for) and not so much studio work. But I am still busy developing my own style!"

Karine Van Der Werf earned her QPSA in 2019.