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Jurong Yu, EPSA 

Jurong Yu lives in Chongqing, a picturesque city of China, known as the city of bridge. She has been working for the safe navigation of ships on the Yangtze River for years. Attracted deeply by the beautiful scenery around the Yangtze Three Gorges, Jurong wants to record the fine views and gradual changes of her hometown through her lens. Jurong began her photography creation in 2008. Since then, she has traveled to dozens of places to provide inspiration, including Xiaodong River, Langshan, Guilin, Daliangshan, Western Sichuan, Xinjiang, Wudang Mountain, as well as areas in southern part of China. Jurong believes that photography is a very pleasant hobby. Every time you press the shutter, you feel the fun in it, and each photo you take is like a present.

Her works are mostly aesthetically pleasing, broad in subjects and profound in artistic conception, which have been recognized by many photography experts. She joined Chongqing Photographers Association in 2012, China Photographers Association in 2015, and Photographic Society of America in late 2017. After joining PSA, she learns a lot from photographers and their works around the world. As she gets to know more and more photographers, her photography skills are also improving. Jurong started to enter PSA-recognized international exhibitions in January, 2018, and earned her first ROPA distinction PPSA in August, 2018. She earned her EPSA in October of 2018.