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John is an experienced and well-known bushwalker (backpacker to Americans) in Australia who regularly ventures into wilderness for weeks at a time. He found that photography was an ideal medium for showing others the interesting and wild places he passed through. His early work concentrated on the wild and rugged Western Tasmania World Heritage Wilderness on the island state of Tasmania. More recently he has visited mountain ranges in other parts of the world and has produced images of his favourite subjects; lakes, glaciers and mountains. His photographs have been published many times in Australia in walking and mountaineering magazines and books.

He was an active international exhibitor in the 1980s and was listed in the Top 10 for Photo Journalism for 5 years in a row. In the early 1990s he stopped competing in exhibitions and turned his attention to illustrating walking guides and has more than a dozen self-published titles in print. In 2013, after a 22 year break, he returned to exhibiting. He finds that competition stimulates an urge to improve and being exposed to the latest techniques and ideas are inspirational.

John joined PSA in 1978 as he saw PSA as an inspiring and well organised photographic body. He was awarded his EFIAP in 2006, GMAPS in 2015 and MPSA in 2015. He earned his GMPSA in 2017. He has judged many national exhibitions and judged twice at both the Sydney and VIGEX Internationals.;