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Jingru Luo, MPSA

Jingru Luo graduated from Shanghai Art University and became a famous Home Furnishings Senior Designer. In 1990 she came to New York and worked with Michael’s Studio in Manhattan as a Fabric Designer.

In retirement she wanted to continue her work as an artist, but she decided to make photography her passion.

She bought her first camera, a Canon EOS 5D and later changed to a Canon EOS 1Dx. She travelled in the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, Asia and even to the North Pole twice meeting fellow photographers.

She joined PSA in 2012 and started entering her photos in exhibitions. Her images have been accepted in contests all over the world. Many awards, including over 18 Gold Medals.

Jingru Luo earned her PPSA in 2017, EPSA in 2018, and MPSA in 2020.