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Jingru Luo, MPSA, AFIAP

Jingru Luo's 25 years of experience as a famous Senior Textile Designer in China and 20 more years in America carries through in her breathtaking images of today.

She has been awarded over 165 Gold Medals in International PSA Exhibitions from all corners of the world and achieved the Top Exhibitors Nature Box in PSA's Annual Who's Who in Photography in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

In 2018 she traveled to Vietnam to receive the Top Ten Chinese Global Nature Award.

In 2019 to Penang, Malaysia to receive the 2019 Chinese Global Golden Horse Award and to Cannes, France where she received the Number One 2019 Top Ten Chinese Global Award in ceremonies on the red carpet.

In Cormeilles, France she received the Daguere Outstanding Achievement Award at the 180th Daguere Anniversary Ceremony.

November 2019 found her traveling to the Antarctic as the Senior Expeditionalist on the HMS Sea Spirit.

Jingru Luo earned her PPSA in 2017, EPSA in 2018, and MPSA in 2020.