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Jiajun Chai, GMPSA, GPSA, ARPS

Jiajun Chai is an expert in real estate marketing planning and business management. Traveling and photography are Mr. Chai's hobbies for years. Because of these hobbies, Mr. Chai have been to more than 70 countries and regions, including several trips to the Antarctic Peninsula and the North Pole. Mr. Chai loves adventures. Some of his most impressive experience were photo shooting brown bears in a remote natural bear habitat in Russia, visiting rural villages in India and Laos, and in-depth talks with local people in Yellowknife in Canada.

Mr. Chai cherishes these opportunities and appreciates the knowledge and those experience brought him. Although Mr. Chai is not a professional photographer, his works usually reflect bigger meanings through small incidents, which have been acknowledged by professionals. Mr. Chai thinks that the man who travels more knows more, and believes that photography is the best way to capture memorable moments.

Mr. Chai earned his PPSA, EPSA and MPSA in 2018. He earned his MPSA2 and GMPSA in 2019.